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Which Social Media Platform is Right for Me?


We know that not all social media platforms are created equal – at least not as far as branding needs are concerned. Each network boasts different benefits, limitations and demographics, which means some platforms are better suited to your brand than others. Before you devote hours to a network that yields low ROI, let’s take […]

The Power of a Whisper: How to Get the Attention You Want on Social Media


Imagine walking up to a giant building.  In front of you is a set of enormous double doors.  You reach for the massive handles and pull the doors open.  Inside is an immense room, so vast you can’t see to any other end.  And this space is completely packed with people.  You squeeze yourself in […]

How to Take a Selfie


In the social media world we are faced with new trends and fads on a daily basis.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve undoubtably heard of – and been bombarded with – the #selfie…  a photo someone has taken of him- or herself – typically on a smartphone. If […]

Fifty Shades of Twitter: How to Make Your Social Media Sizzling Hot

50 Shades of Twitter

When I finished the first Fifty Shades book, I had to immediately purchase and download the sequel.  Instantly.  I couldn’t go to sleep.  It was absolutely urgent that I read what happened next. Have you ever felt that way about a book, a TV show, a movie sequel?  How would you like your audience to […]

Outsourcing Social Media? Here’s the Biggest Concern:

Time to outsource

It’s time to delegate more. You know it. That means that you need to let go and allow someone else handle your social media marketing.  It’ll save you hours each week and grant you the energy and time to focus on what you do best and really grow your business. But for solo-preneurs, and even […]

How to Write Irresistible Posts that Make Your Prospects Swoon


swoon (swn) intr. verb swooned, swoon·ing, swoons  To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy Your goal: To attract potential clients, ignite conversations about your brand, skyrocket your visibility, and build a strong reputation as an expert. Social media is the perfect way to reach all of these objectives. But for most business owners and CEOs (and […]

30 Facebook Timeline Contest Ideas That Drive Likes and Comments


On August 26th, Facebook updated its promotions guidelines to allow brands to run Facebook contests on their Fan Page Timelines. With these new Facebook promotion guidelines, brands can now accept “contest entries” by asking fans to like, comment, or message the page. While this is a huge opportunity to drive brand engagement, many businesses are […]

Facebook Hashtags: How they will impact social media for business


When you think of social media, one of the first words that comes to mind is hashtag. The term was popularized on Twitter, and then spread like wildfire to other social media networks, including Instagram and Tumblr. A hashtag is a searchable word or phrase prefixed by the symbol #. For example, if you were […]

Equality Goes Viral: Social Justice on Social Media

Have you recently been “seeing red” on Facebook? Does it seem like suddenly all of your friends have pictures of two little pink lines? Well, worry not, it’s no bug or hacker- it’s just the latest social media & social justice movement gone viral. In this case, the profile pictures express solidarity with the Human […]

Spring Ahead with Social Media!

All right, you’re tired. You miss the extra hour of sleep that you lost this weekend. You curse Ben Franklin as your alarm rings at 7:00am – it feels like 6!  (Ben proposed Daylight Savings time first, you know).  We understand.  Here at GhostTweeting, we’re feeling it too. But there’s always a silver lining. The […]