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What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Messenger Bots

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When Mark Zuckerberg has a message, we listen. According to the godfather of social media, users are sending almost 60 billion messages a day via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (both apps owned by Facebook). At this years F8 summit, he unveiled a plan to move the app beyond just chatting with friends. Why messaging? Facebook […]

Five Simple Hacks to Kickstart a Social Media Campaign


So, you want to increase likes on your Facebook business page? Maybe rack up a few more Twitter followers? Your goal with every post should be to attract new fans and followers, but not just anyone. You want your audience genuinely interested and engaged with your brand. Below, we’ve come up with five simple hacks […]

How Does Social Media Help SEO?


Social media has changed the way we discover and share content. And yet we still rely heavily on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when we are hunting for information. Because social media has become one of the factors taken into account when information is indexed, it’s extremely helpful to know how it impacts […]

Important Social Media Updates That Will Affect Your Business

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  Recent Instagram updates, new Facebook features, varying Twitter timelines… Social platforms seem to change guidelines, add features, and make renovations practically every day. While some updates may go unnoticed, others hit you in the face and necessitate a complete overhaul in your daily habits. And then there are new improvements that could make your […]

How To Post Effectively – the proven formula

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When I talk to entrepreneurs about growing their businesses on Social Media, the biggest challenge I hear is: “I just don’t know what to post. ” So I’m making is super-easy for you by sharing a proven content posting formula. And if you prefer to watch me explain the formula, check out the video below. […]

5 Telltale Signs You Are Treating Social Media Marketing as an Afterthought


Studies show that the biggest mistake entrepreneurs and businesses make on social media is not investing enough. Though business owners and thought leaders agree that a good social media marketing strategy would be extremely beneficial, many have failed to make it a priority. Companies that invest time, energy, and resources in social media marketing are […]

How to write compelling headlines that get clicks and engagement

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Writing social media posts that follow a proven headline formula Who wants more web traffic? How about a more loyal, engaged audience? It often starts with the right post. Research shows that certain types of social media posts earn more engagement and clicks than others. So why reinvent the wheel? Follow what is already working, […]

How to Take a Selfie (for ENTREPRENEURS!)


In the social media world we are faced with new trends and fads on a daily basis.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few year, you’ve undoubtedly heard of – and been bombarded with – the #selfie…  a photo someone has taken of him- or herself – typically on a smartphone. […]

Hashtags: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How (Part I)

How to use hashtags

There is so much confusion about #hashtags, so I am starting a series to answer all of your burning questions.  If you still have any questions after reading, please leave them in the comments.  I want you to be using hashtags like a pro! Hashtags have always been popular on Twitter. Then Facebook joined the […]

3 Ways to Manage Your Reputation Using Social Media


Everybody wants to be liked, but in the world of social media, it’s difficult to stay on top of who’s saying what about your brand or business. And if someone has an axe to grind, a few isolated issues can quickly damage your online reputation. Here are three simple tips to prevent the spread of […]