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Hey Twitter User, You’re Getting a Makeover!

twitter-bird-276x300 copy

Doing a double take as you log on to Twitter? Over the next few weeks you just might as the popular micro-blogging site rolls out its newest redesign which comes close to echoing the feel of Facebook. According to Twitter’s blog post announcing the change, “it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) […]

New Twist on an Old Twitter Virus: Hey, Is this You in this Video?


“Hey, Is this You in this Video? We laughed so Hard” When this message pops up in our Twitter @Mentions column or Direct Message inbox, the temptation to click the link is practically irresistible! What? I’m in a video that I don’t know about? People are laughing at me? I must see what this […]

Celebrities and Twitter: Three Cautionary Tales

celebrity social media

We’ve all said things we regret from time to time, but in the age of social media it can be difficult to take words back. For most of us, a simple click on the ‘delete’ button can minimize the damage caused by an unfortunate turn of phrase, but if you’re in the public eye, you’re […]

How to Write an Effective Twitter Profile

Nika Stewart twitter profile

Your Twitter Bio is the first place someone looks when deciding whether or not to follow you. Make a great first impression with a compelling profile, and you’ll attract many more followers, increase web traffic, and boost your business presence. Here are 5 tips for writing a winning Twitter profile: “How do I position myself […]

Fifty Shades of Twitter: How to Make Your Social Media Sizzling Hot

50 Shades of Twitter

When I finished the first Fifty Shades book, I had to immediately purchase and download the sequel.  Instantly.  I couldn’t go to sleep.  It was absolutely urgent that I read what happened next. Have you ever felt that way about a book, a TV show, a movie sequel?  How would you like your audience to […]

3 Great Ways to Engage Twitter Followers

3 Ways to Engage

You’re tweeting every day. You post quality content and provide information that is of value to your followers, but there’s one problem: You aren’t seeing the impact on your business that you thought Twitter would yield. So what’s the issue? Most likely it’s engagement, or lack thereof. While it’s great to broadcast your message every […]

Outsourcing Social Media? Here’s the Biggest Concern:

Time to outsource

It’s time to delegate more. You know it. That means that you need to let go and allow someone else handle your social media marketing.  It’ll save you hours each week and grant you the energy and time to focus on what you do best and really grow your business. But for solo-preneurs, and even […]

How to Write Irresistible Posts that Make Your Prospects Swoon


swoon (swn) intr. verb swooned, swoon·ing, swoons  To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy Your goal: To attract potential clients, ignite conversations about your brand, skyrocket your visibility, and build a strong reputation as an expert. Social media is the perfect way to reach all of these objectives. But for most business owners and CEOs (and […]

Maximize Your Social Media ROI – The 3-Step Formula


I hear too often – even from so-called social media gurus – “Social Media is important, but you can’t really make money from it.” Booo-loney! You CAN make money FROM social media. But it is not a direct connection where One Tweet = Instant Sale. Social media is the engine that drives your entire marketing […]

Twitter by the Numbers [infographic]


Good ol’ Twitter.  How long did it take to gain its footing as a social media colossus?  What is the average number of characters in a tweet?  How many followers does the average Twitter user have?  The answers may surprise you. Here are the numbers…