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Social Media for Authors

Social Media for Authors

If you’re an author and want to get noticed, there are a few tools you’ll need in your toolbox: a paper, a pen, and a social media presence. Authors have an unprecedented opportunity to reach the masses on a personal level and maybe even pique the interest of a publisher via social media. We’ll take… [Read More]

How to Save Time on Twitter

How to Save Time on Twitter

When it comes to your presence on Twitter, there are some shortcuts available that can save you stress and leave you ample time for other marketing efforts. Yes, you can actually spend only 15 minutes a day on your account, and get much better results, if you [read more]

Big Changes Coming to Twitter

Twitter Updates coming soon

After months of rumors, the truth has been confirmed: Twitter is loosening their standards. Well, sort of. The social media giant has long been hailed the king of abbreviation, forcing users to get creative in condensing their communications into a paltry 140 characters (and creative we have become!). The limit was originally in place due… [Read More]

What’s the Best Time of Day to Post on Social Media?

Best time of day to post on social media

By now, we all know the importance of a solid social media presence and posting relevant, carefully curated content. But something just as important could be exactly when you are choosing to share this content. While there is no way of pinpointing a PRECISE time that is perfect for everyone, there IS plenty of research… [Read More]

Which Social Media Platform Should I Spend Time On?

How to choose the right social media platform

Does this sound like your schedule? Do you spend your days floundering around the various social networks posting, commenting, sharing, and liking? How are entrepreneurs supposed to get any actual work done if they are spending every waking moment on social media? We can’t. Just like with traditional advertising, you get better results when you… [Read More]

Twitter Accounts to Inspire your Marketing Game

Inspiring Twitter Accounts

Twitter has long been established as a key player in the online marketing world. We all know establishing a presence on the platform can be instrumental in growing our brands. You don’t have to be a brilliant poet to be successful in this 140-character game, but you do have to know how to engage and… [Read More]

Five Ways to Take Social Media to the Next Level


Social media marketing is an indispensable gold mine to any business growth strategy. It can be used as a vehicle to drive traffic to your website, introduce you to potential clients, and build brand recognition. But how can you make it work for you without getting stuck in a rut? We’ll show you how. Create… [Read More]

How To Host a Successful Twitter Chat

Happy man standing with tablet computer at home

When it comes to marketing your business, a Twitter Chat is a great way to gain exposure while positioning yourself as a leader in your field. A win/win situation if you ask us. Here, we’ve compiled some steps to make your Twitter Chat a smashing success. Participate in Other Chats Familiarize yourself with how others… [Read More]

What’s Your Klout Score? (and is it important?)

Working together

Want to know how much pull you have on social media? Enter Klout, a tool to measure a person’s online influence and social media credibility: the more influential you are, the higher your score. While Google’s search engine ranks the relevance of web pages, Klout’s mission is to rank the influence of every person online,… [Read More]

Great Sources for Twitter Content You Can Use Right Now


Finding just the right content to tweet is a great source of stress for many entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Quite a few soon-to-be clients of ours have told us of their woes staring at their computer or mobile screens with a tweet box open for hours on end, searching for something – anything to share… [Read More]