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Five Ways to Take Social Media to the Next Level


Social media marketing is an indispensable gold mine to any business growth strategy. It can be used as a vehicle to drive traffic to your website, introduce you to potential clients, and build brand recognition. But how can you make it work for you without getting stuck in a rut? We’ll show you how. Create… [Read More]

How To Host a Successful Twitter Chat

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When it comes to marketing your business, a Twitter Chat is a great way to gain exposure while positioning yourself as a leader in your field. A win/win situation if you ask us. Here, we’ve compiled some steps to make your Twitter Chat a smashing success. Participate in Other Chats Familiarize yourself with how others… [Read More]

What’s Your Klout Score? (and is it important?)

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Want to know how much pull you have on social media? Enter Klout, a tool to measure a person’s online influence and social media credibility: the more influential you are, the higher your score. While Google’s search engine ranks the relevance of web pages, Klout’s mission is to rank the influence of every person online,… [Read More]

Five Simple Hacks to Kickstart a Social Media Campaign


So, you want to increase likes on your Facebook business page? Maybe rack up a few more Twitter followers? Your goal with every post should be to attract new fans and followers, but not just anyone. You want your audience genuinely interested and engaged with your brand. Below, we’ve come up with five simple hacks… [Read More]

How Does Social Media Help SEO?


Social media has changed the way we discover and share content. And yet we still rely heavily on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when we are hunting for information. Because social media has become one of the factors taken into account when information is indexed, it’s extremely helpful to know how it impacts… [Read More]

Are You Tweeting Enough? (I bet you aren’t!)


When it comes to romance, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But if you’re launching a social media marketing campaign, especially on Twitter, absence (and even posting inconsistently) can end relationships with your followers before they even get off the ground. The trick is delivering an ample amount of content that is on-brand,… [Read More]

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

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In the decade since it was founded, Twitter has grown from an ambiguous messaging service into one of the most ubiquitous communication tools in the world and arguably, a major player in pop culture. It is a social utility, a news source, and with the right strategies, a powerful tool for promoting your business. And… [Read More]

How to Increase Twitter Engagement with Humor

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Your company: it’s serious business. You work, you analyze, you brand, you create, you… laugh? Yes, laughter. The kind when you cackle about Buzzfeed’s Best April Fool’s Day Pranks. The kind when you stifle a chuckle at that adorable one-minute video of baby bunnies stuffed in cups. The stuff that inspires a midday crack-up: this… [Read More]

How to Grow Your Twitter Tribe

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We all know that quality is better than quantity, but let’s be honest. When it comes to your social media tribe, a community of thousands – or tens of thousands – is more impressive than a community of hundreds. Plus, that hefty number increases your visibility and creates more opportunities to showcase yourself as a… [Read More]

Great Content Ideas for Twitter

Blog is the Castle

The phrase “content is king” has been around for ages, and giants in industry ranging from Bill Gates to Rupert Murdoch are credited as its creator. Regardless of where the phrase originated, it is a profound truth when it comes to crafting an effective Twitter campaign for your business. The good news for executives and… [Read More]