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Using Twitter to Market Your Business


Perhaps you’ve dabbled in Twitter on a personal level, sharing selfies from family functions or opinions about the latest blockbuster, and find yourself wondering, What’s the big deal? It’s great for staying in touch with friends, but… How can Twitter possibly help my BUSINESS? Funny you should ask. Because Twitter works for business in virtually […]

3 Ways to Grow a Targeted Twitter Following


When getting a social media marketing campaign off the ground, you might think that the obvious goal is to deliver your message to as large an audience as possible. Some may even go so far as to employ (or consider) pay services that promise to deliver vast numbers of Twitter followers to your social media […]

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Me?


We know that not all social media platforms are created equal – at least not as far as branding needs are concerned. Each network boasts different benefits, limitations and demographics, which means some platforms are better suited to your brand than others. Before you devote hours to a network that yields low ROI, let’s take […]

How to Get Media Attention on Twitter

Back in the old days, getting the word out about a recent accomplishment or upcoming event used to mean crafting a press release, stuffing envelopes, and mailing the information to media organizations in the hope that someone—anyone—might find it among the mountains of competing content. Things aren’t much better with email, thanks to automated spamming, […]

The Power of a Whisper: How to Get the Attention You Want on Social Media


Imagine walking up to a giant building.  In front of you is a set of enormous double doors.  You reach for the massive handles and pull the doors open.  Inside is an immense room, so vast you can’t see to any other end.  And this space is completely packed with people.  You squeeze yourself in […]

How to Use Twitter to Get More Visibility for Your Book

Social Media for Authors

So you’ve written a book, a modern masterpiece destined for bestseller lists the world over, but so far all you’ve heard are crickets? What’s a future Pulitzer Prize winner to do? In the end, you’re not selling just a book; you’re selling yourself, too. Done carefully and correctly, Twitter book marketing is a highly effective tool that has the added benefit of making the solitary act of writing a little less lonely. Use these tips…

Hey Twitter User, You’re Getting a Makeover!

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Doing a double take as you log on to Twitter? Over the next few weeks you just might as the popular micro-blogging site rolls out its newest redesign which comes close to echoing the feel of Facebook. According to Twitter’s blog post announcing the change, “it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) […]

New Twist on an Old Twitter Virus: Hey, Is this You in this Video?


“Hey, Is this You in this Video? We laughed so Hard” When this message pops up in our Twitter @Mentions column or Direct Message inbox, the temptation to click the link is practically irresistible! What? I’m in a video that I don’t know about? People are laughing at me? I must see what this […]

Celebrities and Twitter: Three Cautionary Tales

celebrity social media

We’ve all said things we regret from time to time, but in the age of social media it can be difficult to take words back. For most of us, a simple click on the ‘delete’ button can minimize the damage caused by an unfortunate turn of phrase, but if you’re in the public eye, you’re […]

How to Write an Effective Twitter Profile

Nika Stewart twitter profile

Your Twitter Bio is the first place someone looks when deciding whether or not to follow you. Make a great first impression with a compelling profile, and you’ll attract many more followers, increase web traffic, and boost your business presence. Here are 5 tips for writing a winning Twitter profile: “How do I position myself […]