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Boost Your Blog: How to use Twitter to drive massive traffic to your website

Drive Traffic to Blog from Twitter

If you’re anything like me, you spend hours of valuable time writing blog articles because a blog is an effective tool for driving website traffic, increasing your expert status, and showing off your company’s brand and value. But to enjoy these benefits, you obviously need your target audience to come to your blog and read […]

How to write compelling headlines that get clicks and engagement

Highway Signpost "Customer Engagement"

Writing social media posts that follow a proven headline formula Who wants more web traffic? How about a more loyal, engaged audience? It often starts with the right post. Research shows that certain types of social media posts earn more engagement and clicks than others. So why reinvent the wheel? Follow what is already working, […]

How to Connect with Influencers through Social Media


If a brand tweets in the social media forest and there’s no one retweeting, does it make a sound? With a capacity for tremendous global reach and massive sharing, social media has the potential to be a powerful, low-cost marketing vehicle for companies, large and small. But even the pithiest posts fall flat without a […]

Tweet Adder Alternatives


Oh no! Tweet Adder has been spanked and sent to its room without supper by Twitter, again, for violating its terms of service. What does this mean? Well, for one, it means that Tweet Adder is no longer allowed to play in Twitter’s sandbox; and for Tweet Adder’s vast customer base, it means it’s time […]

Sharing is Caring: Retweet Someone & Make Their Day!


(or How To Use Twitter’s New ReTweet Feature) Sharing someone’s brilliance with your online community is one of the sincerest and most appreciated forms of flattery on social media. Not only does it validate his point of view, but it also provides a great benefit to original author by introducing him to your audience. Let’s […]

Great Sources for Twitter Content You Can Use Right Now


Finding just the right content to tweet is a great source of stress for many entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Quite a few soon-to-be clients of ours have told us of their woes staring at their computer or mobile screens with a tweet box open for hours on end, searching for something – anything to share […]

How to Get *Me* to Follow You Back on Social Media


Okay, okay, so maybe everyone in the social media world is not sitting around, wringing their hands, wondering whether or not *I* personally will follow them back (thank you for pointing that out, Nika Stewart), but consider *me* as the collective *we* – as these guidelines will apply to most people. As individual social media […]

Why Am I Losing Twitter Followers?

Ghost Tweeting social media assessment

If you find yourself asking why your Twitter community is shrinking instead of expanding, you may need to examine your campaign strategy and make some simple adjustments. You’ve worked hard to build your following. Don’t let your audience slip away because you aren’t following through properly. Many Twitter users periodically review the accounts of people […]

Making Tweets Easier to Find Through Search Engines


Exciting news for entrepreneurs who use Twitter for marketing.  According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter has reached a deal to show tweets in Google search results.  Early this year, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted. What does this Google – Twitter Deal mean for me? Strategic […]

Everything You Need To Know About Hashtags (Part II)

how to use hashtags

This is Part II in a series that answers all your questions about #hashtags: how to use hashtags, where to put them, where to find them, when to use them, what they are…  Read Part I: Hashtags: The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How There is so much confusion about #hashtags, so I am answering […]