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How To Post Effectively – the proven formula

How to Get More Engagement on Facebook and TwitterWhen I first work with clients to grow their businesses on the Social Networks, I often hear:

“I don’t get how this works. Why would people care about what I ate for lunch?”

Well, if what you eat is the subject of all your social media posts, you’re right. No one will want to follow you or engage with you. You will not attract a community of your target audience, and the people you do attract will not feel loyal to you or want to invest in your services.

You are using social media to attract ideal clients, build a targeted community, and increase your expert status. So you want to post accordingly. However – that does not mean you post on one business subject all day every day.

So what types of subjects or topics should you be posting?

I want to make it easy for you. So I’m going to give you a formula.

The proven GhostTweeting formula for social media posting:

  • 50% of your posts should be around your main area of expertise
  • 20% of your posts should be about supportive areas of your expertise (related, aligned topics that support your subject of brilliance)
  • 30% “Character Development” – let your audience get to know you

When you post valuable information on your area of expertise, your audience learns to trust you. Your “guru” status grows every day.

Posting topics related to your specific expertise shows that you are well rounded. This increases engagement. You community begins to see you as a trusted resource.

And why – when you are looking to build business – do you post about yourself, your family, your hobbies, etc.? Because of human nature. We all love those warm connections – when we feel we aren’t alone.

“Oh, you have an obsession with scrapbooking? Me too. Where do you get your stamps?”

“I let my dog sleep in the bed with me, too. People say I’m crazy just like you!”

“I know how you feel! I’m on my third cup of coffee, also.”

These posts are not about business, and they aren’t intended to get business. They are all about connection and engagement. Your best clients are the ones who start out feeling like you get them. Do you get that?

So now that you have a formula to follow, what exactly are you going to post? For specific ideas, take a look here.

Now go connect, engage, and inspire!

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    About the Author

    Nika Stewart is the CEO of She and her team manage the the social media presence for a diverse clientele including best-selling authors, television hosts, international speakers, and renowned entrepreneurs.


    1. Claire Gillenson says:

      Great post Nika! I’ve been trying to stick to my field of knowledge in my posts and now I will expand to really engage and create conversation. Thanks again for such practical advice!

    2. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit of a twidiot so I appreciate having such a simple formula to follow. Thanks for sharing such practical advice!

    3. Oh, boy, now I totally understand why people tweet about random things outside their business stuff. This seems to be a simple way to engage people. I just watched your video on Savor the Success and I’ve been working on your tips. I really enjoyed your song a dance. You are so fun!

    4. I love how you emphasize relationship building and connection as one of the benefits of social media, Nika. Too often we focus on information sharing – lecturing, almost -rather than connecting. Great point!

    5. I like the idea of character building. I certainly respond to people much more often when they tweet about something personal.

    6. Ever since I caught your twitter chat at Savor the Success, I’ve gotten more serious about twitter.
      I applied most of your 12 tips and it’s helped BIG TIME. I really appreciate this breakdown on
      what to post, as I haven’t really posted much on my expertise. Thanks Nika, I’m on it now!

    7. Love, love, love this post, Nika. Ah – a tried and true formula for social media posts. BINGO! I’m putting your formula on my board next to my computer to remind myself of it every day. It’s awesome how you share it so we can all become better at our social media interactions.


    8. This is great advice Nika! I feel like it can be counter-intuitive to post about non-business thoughts, but you are so right – those tweets really help people get to know and trust you, which is especially important for service-based businesses.

    9. I hate when people only tweet their topic or exclusively auto tweet info. But I must also admit I “business” tweet less than than I should. I tend to “character” more than I should. Thanks for the formula. I will try to “business” tweet more.


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